Sofia Sanchez de Betak

Sofia Sanchez de Betak, also known as ‘Chufy’ is our girl crush of the week. If you haven’t heard about this one off art director and fashion consultant, then you’re about to find out just a tad more about the life style we all dream of but this girl is living. Not only has Betak secured herself a timeless place at the red carpet but has also been nominated ‘Best Dressed’ by Vogue, on many occasions, which is tough when you know you are competing with celebrities like Rihanna, Beyonce and Kim K. We love ‘Chufy’ even more beacuase of how proud she has made us with the recent release of her book and clothing line, both being inspired by travelling and working along side local artisans, that her book and brand prominently reflect. Betak carries her unique sense of identity and fashion influence across to diverse cultural events globally. That also contributes to many reasons why she has been nominated as one of 10 most influential women of Argentina. If you’re still not convinced, check out her social media, and we will watch you fall in love with ‘Chufy’. 

Instagram: Chufy

Website: Chufy


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