Henry Cavill

If you say that you have never had a crush on Cavill in your life – you are lying. We all first noticed him in the historical fiction television series – The Tudors, which was in fact his great breakthrough before finding his lime light in ‘The Man of Steel’, of course not without initial failure of being rejected from James Bond, Harry Potter and Twilight. Apart from being 92kg of pure muscle and Superman, Cavill is a superhero in real lofe as well. He dedicates all his spare time to good cause as his main passion, and the ultimate job if he didn’t succeed as an actor, is to be in the Army where his elder brothers have served. So only naturally he supports the Royal Marines Charity. To raise money for this cause he has completed the Commando Challenge, and now to continue being a superhero he rescues animals by raising money through the Durrell Challenge. If we did not manage to portray the perfect-to-fall-in-love with nerd, that every girl secretly wants to be with, then you have a long ‘Henry Cavill’ movie marathon linedup ahead to catch up on. 

Instagram:  Henry Cavill

‘Henry Cavill’ Movies:  Must Watch


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