Priyanka Chopra

She is smart, she is beautiful, she is our #WCW. Priyanka Chopra, if you still dont know who this is- its time to catch up. We have been recently wowed be her charms after watching the “73 Questions” with Vogue, that showed us how far Chopra has come and how alive her personality is, which is why watching this should be on your to do list for today. This girl is an actress whom you may recognize from the TV show Quantaco, but will definitely know from Baywatch. Already at the age of 17, Chopra won the title of Miss. India and just a few years later, in 2000, became Miss. World. This flipped her life around, she always believed she would become an engineer, but after winning her first beauty contest she was on the fast track to Bollywood and recently became more global renowned by signing a contract with Hollywood. She can sing, she can dance, she can act. Nothing else has to be said, she isn’t only our girl crush of the day – shes also our girl crush everyday. 

Instagram: Priyanka Chopra

Vogue: 73 Questions with Priyanka Chopra


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