With Fathers Day being celebrated last Sunday, we can really sincerely congratulate Jay-Z on becoming a father to twins on that same day. Not only did the rapper welcome two new members into his family he also announced his new album “4:44” and the drop date to be on the 30th of June, exclusively available to ‘Tidal’ users, that we all can’t wait to hear, especially as the rumour has it that this album is a responce to Beyonces “Lemonade”. This new album is expected to be a hit, since Jay-Z already has 21 Grammy Awards in his pocket and the last album was released waaaaay back in 2013, we have been waiting for a while. A bit more about Jay-Z as a personality; even though he may not have surprised us with much work since Magna Carta Holy Grail, he has been vocal in other areas like politics. For example, through a movie starting with the Nixon administration and Rockfeller drug laws, Jay-Z didn’t stay quite about his opinion on the drug war issue and later he touched on modern day politics by supporting Hilary Clinton during the presedential election. Jay-Z is constantly growing as a person, not only as a stage personality, and that is what we love about him – it is clear that he will be passing onto his children more than just talent. 

We can’t wait for more updates on the twins – watch this space! And guess whats coming this Wednesday…


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